time and colors worksheets and powerpoints

In case you been missing the past couple of classes here are the powerpoints and worksheets from this past unit.

if you missed your test, schedule privately for a retake. william.lovern@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us

powerpoint slides:



worksheets: (complete both side, and as always, in Spanish)

 colors worksheet

time worksheet




p.d. (p.s.)- don’t forget, Finals are just around the corner, go ahead and start reviewing!


en la bilbioteca…

Hola Alumnos,

Hoy vamos a usar los iPads para hacer nuestra actividad de resumir.

Hey Students!

Today we will be using iPads in order to complete our review activity.

The links are listed below:

1. Landforms- http://quizlet.com/27600242/landforms-flash-cards/

2. El Tiempo (Weather)- http://quizlet.com/22414874/weather-flash-cards/

3. Indicaciones (Directions)- http://quizlet.com/27598850/directions-flash-cards/

4. Cardinal Directions- http://quizlet.com/26579515/cardinal-directionsgeographic-terms-flash-cards/

5. Las Estaciones (The Seasons)- http://quizlet.com/28400316/the-seasons-flash-cards/

6. Los Paises/Las ciudades (The countries/capitals of the Spanish Speaking World) – http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/South_America_Geography.htm

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

a completed review worksheet = +10 on your test.

Spring Break- Make-up Work

Hola alumnos!

If you recieved a deficiency from me and are looking to get your grades up, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Visit Parent Portal and write down which assignments you are missing.

2. click on the following links and complete your assignments.

a) Map ofsouth america– (countries and capitals)

b) Map of central america

c) current event listen here Current event Track

 seasons worksheet-

d) directions 1/2, directions 2/2 worksheets

e) Weather Map-

En la biblioteca

>Today (3.10-3.12),

We will be in la biblioteca practicing our Spanish and getting ready for el examen número dos of the year.

Your first priority today is to complete “Mi Horario”-

your second priority is to practice for your oral exam

Lastly, you’ll need to study for your written exam. To do so study/practice the following…

Your test will be concerned with the following items

1. School items- Los artículos escolares- http://quizlet.com/22414215/classroom-objects-flash-cards/

2. School subjects- Las materias- http://quizlet.com/22412640/materias-flash-cards/

3. Opinions- Las opiniones- http://quizlet.com/22413960/opiniones-flash-cards/

4. Ordinal Numbers (first, second, etc) Los números ordinales- http://quizlet.com/25442413/ordinal-numbers-flash-cards/

5. La República Dominicana y escuela-