En la biblioteca

>Today (3.10-3.12),

We will be in la biblioteca practicing our Spanish and getting ready for el examen número dos of the year.

Your first priority today is to complete “Mi Horario”-

your second priority is to practice for your oral exam

Lastly, you’ll need to study for your written exam. To do so study/practice the following…

Your test will be concerned with the following items

1. School items- Los artículos escolares- http://quizlet.com/22414215/classroom-objects-flash-cards/

2. School subjects- Las materias- http://quizlet.com/22412640/materias-flash-cards/

3. Opinions- Las opiniones- http://quizlet.com/22413960/opiniones-flash-cards/

4. Ordinal Numbers (first, second, etc) Los números ordinales- http://quizlet.com/25442413/ordinal-numbers-flash-cards/

5. La República Dominicana y escuela-




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