Previous Assignments

Here students will be able to find their previous assignments listed per 4.5 weeks.

2nd 4.5 weeks

1. En la escuela exam- 3 part test,

interpretive (writen exam),

interpersonal (conversation) ,

presentational (Mi horario-scaffolded letter).

2.  Opiniones Quiz

3. Mi día como alumno extranjero follow along

4. Quincinera DBM Sweet 16 and Quincinera DBM, article here  worksheet here

1st 4.5 weeks.

1. “Como se llama” El dibujo (cartoon). Students draw a comic strip where the 3 characters interact with each other in Spanish using the phrases we’ve learned so far. must include: hola, ?co’mo se llama? me llamo____. ?Co’mo esta’s?, estoy bien/mal/ma’s o menos. Adio’s.

2. Motivation: students need to write down their top three strengths and then 3 facts that motivate them to learn Spanish from the motivation page.

3. how are you? “?Como esta’s?- please view the link.

4. los dias de la semana. Students read a story about Marco and his busy schedule and answer questions about this story.

5. Misconceptions: (‘getting dem digits’) students learn how to ask for someone’s number in Spanish as well as answer. next they complete the Cognate activity, next they complete the KWL chart after view the Misconceptions presentation

6. Simon Dice Quiz- Simon dice instructions. schedule a time to make up your quiz.

*Remember no work will be accepted one week past each 4.5 week progress report.* 2/28/2014


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