en la bilbioteca…

Hola Alumnos,

Hoy vamos a usar los iPads para hacer nuestra actividad de resumir.

Hey Students!

Today we will be using iPads in order to complete our review activity.

The links are listed below:

1. Landforms- http://quizlet.com/27600242/landforms-flash-cards/

2. El Tiempo (Weather)- http://quizlet.com/22414874/weather-flash-cards/

3. Indicaciones (Directions)- http://quizlet.com/27598850/directions-flash-cards/

4. Cardinal Directions- http://quizlet.com/26579515/cardinal-directionsgeographic-terms-flash-cards/

5. Las Estaciones (The Seasons)- http://quizlet.com/28400316/the-seasons-flash-cards/

6. Los Paises/Las ciudades (The countries/capitals of the Spanish Speaking World) – http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/South_America_Geography.htm

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

a completed review worksheet = +10 on your test.


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